Thank You for visiting The You Power!  

I'm Colette Carlsson and my goal is to help you feel your YOU-est! Through energy healing, quantum biofeedback and meditation I help you tune in to yourself and empower your mind, body and spirit!

I believe that You are the You-niverse; all the answers you seek, health you long for, the happiness you hope for at all times, and the fulfillment you're ready to find, are already inside you ready to be created. Oftentimes we are distracted by the daily bustle of modern living, the external world can overwhelm our senses and nervous system, leaving us stressed out and pulled in several directions. Yet all we need to recalibrate is to tune into ourselves, quiet the mind, and empower the inner guru that lies within... where you are your you-est you and you are your own most powerful healer.

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About me?! Where do I start...?  Well, I grew up on a small island in the English Channel, Guernsey, where I spent my childhood swimming in the sea and playing on the beach with my three older sisters. Being a natural storyteller, with a love for performing, I completed a degree in English & Theatre Studies then moved to LA in 2009 to pursue my dreams in the Entertainment Industry

Hollywood has given me some incredible highs, I've had many wonderful experiences both on and off camera; meeting my idols, recording in legendary studios, starring alongside celebrities, training with great teachers, releasing music, videos, films, art and spending my daily life as a creative, working for the next job.

Seven years of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, plugging on through the lows, refining my craft and digging in the dirt to grow as a human being & artist, I realized that as well as pursuing my dreams, I had also been on a spiritual journey, within. 

Here I found that we are all our own Inner Guru's, we are the compass to navigate the ups and downs. Happiness, fulfillment, abundance, love, acceptance, success, are all a state of mind that comes from within- not from the Hollywood Hustle- but from the Inside, Out. YOU are The Power!

Over the years I developed an increasing interest and passion for quantum physics, holistic health, energy healing, sound healing, astrology, numerology, meditation, the mystical and the magical!  Gradually my art took form in new shapes; music for wellness, films to inspire, geometric paintings, radiating positive energy, reiki healing and after going through ten years on my own health journey, I found my calling in using these tools to help empower others! I hope to encourage everyone, that you have the power to be YOU! Your truest, most authentic self. And YOU are amazing!  

I hope you find this a happy, helpful place to inspire your own journey to The Inner Guru inside YOU... where everything is possible! If you're ready to tune in to the inner guru inside you, read more on my blog or see me for a session. If you have time now check out some of the reiki-infused, guided meditations from The You Power Meditation Series

Lots of Love - Colette xo