10 Ways to Detox whilst Detoxing

10 Ways to Detox whilst Detoxing

Whilst I'm on my detox program with Designs For Health and their Paleo Cleanse Plus regime, I am looking at the other areas in my life that could also use a little detox. I'm in a spring cleaning space of letting go of things that don't serve me as well as filling the space with things that do. So here is a little list of 10 ways to detox whilst detoxing....

Lemon water - I am drinking a flask of lemon water a day to help my body flush out the toxins.

Hot & Cold Showers - This is great for the lymphatic system as the body alternates between the hot and the cold, helping speed up the detox pathways.

Dry-brush scrubbing - Great exfoliation for rejuvenating skin cells, and assisting the lymphatic system. Be sure to brush toward the heart.

Epson Salt Bath - I put a little lavender essential oil in mine and relax, whilst the salt helps draw out the toxins.

Meditation - Helps me filter my mind and detox those negative thoughts. It helps me connect to my true-being and higher self and shift to a place of love and compassion with pure intentions.

Journalling - Also helps me connect to my heart and get out any frustrations so I don't take them into my day and week. 

Nature - Nature is so cleansing for the spirit, to be a part of what we are and all the natural vibrations from plants, wildlife, the beach, mountains, fresh air or animals uplift and help cleanse us of impurities. 

Products - I've switched my hair products to an all natural, organic shampoo and conditioner. Likewise I have new vegan, gluten-free sunscreen, without parabens, sulfates and a new natural deodorant. I've also switched my make up powder to a mineral one.  Some of my face products for acne do contain certain chemicals, but I also balance with natural jojoba oil and melucula essential oils.

People - During this detox I am allowing myself MY time, not to making to many commitments and focusing on those which uplift and nurture me, I'm enjoying spending time with myself for self love and self care. A lot of the time I am extroverted, out and about and love connecting to others, but this is a time for me to come within and connect with my self. 

Detoff - Again, I'm trying not to be online OR on my phone giving my attention to the screen and get distracted by what other people are doing. Instead I'm focusing on creating, my goals, my health, my feelings and tuning inward to discover more about what I really want in life moving forward.