One Tip When Putting Your Creations Out There

One Tip When Putting Your Creations Out There

Wherever you are in your creative career, whether you are an aspiring artist starting out in your chosen field, or already established with a string of success under your belt, it's a vulnerable, nerve-wracking experience putting your newest original material "out there."

Once you've poured out your heart and soul, slogged away for thousands of hours typing that manuscript, producing that song, painting that canvas, and finally, you've produced something ready to show the world... and wait... you're shit scared.

Remember this: whether you're Beyonce, or an unsigned artist, it doesn't matter.  It's the same feeling of suspense waiting to see what the public will review, what the critics will critter. You can't put your creative happiness in the hands of others, YOU have to love what you've done.

When you LOVE IT, it doesn't matter whether others might think it sucks, or whether they think it's brilliant; it's yours, it's your baby, you are content, knowing the fact that YOU love it.

So, work a few more hours longer, sweat just a little harder, until you get to the absolute point of love for your creation and then put it out there and don't care what anyone else has to say... after all, any criticism says more about the critic than it does about you!