5 Spiritual Things I Learnt Being in The Entertainment Industry

5 Spiritual Things I Learnt Being in The Entertainment Industry

Every actor, singer and model who's been in the Hollywood Hustle will understand that the work behind-the-scenes is far from glamorous.  From getting the right headshot, promoting your profiles, connecting with industry contacts, finding the right representation, being "sent-out" on auditions, signing up to classes, to charging around town from casting to callbacks, hours in the car or on the subway (for 2 minutes in the room), wanting to make the right impression and be "what they're looking for" then going home to the couch, instead of on the set and starting it all again tomorrow. 

It takes a strong spirit, a strong will and a courageous amount of self belief to keep going.  So what makes people do it?  Passion.  Passion for their craft, passion to tell a story, passion to be successful, famous?  But what happens when that passion burns out, or becomes redirected?  Being a freelance artist means that quite often you only have yourself to throw fuel back in that fire and refocus yourself instead of throwing in the towel.

Here's five things that I've learned over the last five years of being in the Entertainment Industry:


Only You can be You.  I think that most directors will agree that they would rather see you be you and the unique, authentic qualities that only you can do, than try to be what you think they want. Sometimes they don't know what they want until they see someone who comes in with the right "spirit" that fits the project.  Don't try to disguise yourself, let your spirit shine.


It speaks for itself.  You aren't going to get anywhere on the couch.  If it's truly what you love to do then any time spent doing it will be enjoyable!  Each day, take whatever steps you can in the direction you want to go and before you know it you'll look back and see how far you've come. 


When you don't have someone leaning over your shoulder to pat you on the back, you need to be your own cheerleader and tell yourself you're doing a great job!  You are a good person and you are good at what you do, good things will find their way to you.  You are where you are on your journey right now for a reason; to learn, to grow, to experience, to get to the next place, surrender and trust the Universe will bring you what you're ready for. 


Do you do it because you want the fame, fortune and glory of being a superstar? Or do you do it because you want to use your voice to tell a story, inspire, educate, uplift or affect change in the world?  Set your vision as a mission to help others and the spirit within will ease your crusade to bring it forth for the world. I can guarantee it will be more rewarding and meaningful when you are on the magazine cover.


What's your goal?  To inspire others through story on a global scale?  Now trust the Universe will being you opportunities to do that.  Get off the couch and do what you can toward that today, and BE YOU!