You Have The Power To Be Your You-est YOU!

You Have The Power To Be Your You-est YOU!

You are beautiful, you are unique, you are talented and you are a good person. Step into your light and allow yourself to shine in all your glory - The World Wants To See It!

1) What Makes You Happy?

Whether it's a nice cup of tea, or a sparkling fresh water, snuggling on the couch or walking in the fresh air. Whether it's a few minutes with your face in the sun, or an early night. A chat with a good friend or a laugh during your favorite tv show. Tune in to the things that bring you happiness during the day from moment to moment and do them more often!

2) For What Are You Grateful?

Those extra few minutes in bed, a healthy family and compliments from a stranger are all easy to be grateful for, but how about adopting gratitude for the traffic allowing you the time to be still and breathe, the delayed appointment so you have the opportunity to call an old friend, and the rainstorm making it okay to read that great book (or blog post!) and for watering the garden for you :)

3) Who's In Your Tribe?

Notice who you surround yourself with on a daily basis, are they positive, do they support you, do they uplift, motivate and bring out the best in you?! Yes? Be selective with your tribe, you're worth the best!

4) Who Cares What Others Think?

This one took a while for me to get to grips with; we all want to be liked and make a good impression, but as soon as you surrender control over what others think about you, the easier it is to be YOU!  And most of the time people will love and appreciate you all the more for being your authentic self.  Note to remember: what other's say behind your back talks more about them than it does about you... so who cares?!

5) What Are You Holding On To?

Now let it go! So what she stole your boyfriend when you were 16, you're now happily married with 2 kids- she did you a favor! Someone else got the job you wanted? Perhaps you were saved from the stress and demands of that work environment?! Free yourself by letting go of the things weighing you down, especially what cannot be changed.  Notice the positives in the situation and if you need to forgive someone do it now! Life is short.