5 Spiritual Things I Learnt From My Dog

5 Spiritual Things I Learnt From My Dog


This almost goes without saying, dogs are known for their loyalty, love and devotion to their masters through thick and thin.  Even when I'm not at my best, Ted's unwavering obedience has taught me the true art of free and unconditional love. 


Ted has been in some pretty awesome places, one of them being the recording studio where my fiancΓ© works. However, whether he's making friends with the little, old lady in the supermarket, or sitting on the lap of a world renowned rockstar, Ted treats everyone the same.  He's traveled the world with us and met people of all nationalities, languages, races and faces, his tail doesn't wag any different from one human to the next. 


Ted is sooooo in the moment. Whether it's someone arriving at our house, playing ball or me opening the fridge, he's only focused on what's going on right now.  Because of this he knows how to let it go, if he's just been disciplined by me and feels sorry for himself, he shakes it off, moves on and gets over it.  


Ted understands a few vital words, "breakfast,""treats," his name and "no" along with various commands, but how Ted communicates with me surpasses language,  he reads my energy.  He knows when I'm smiling or dancing about a bit (as you do) then something fun is going to happen, he bounces off me and immediately starts wagging or twirling in circles. Similarly I once walked in the house crying after a bad phone call and he dropped his head sympathetically then came snuggling up on the couch to lick my tears.  


If Ted's had his food and water, a bit of sleep and he's not hot then everything is right in his world. If he gets to go to the park it's a bonus. He's not thinking about what car he's driven in, whether he's got the latest dog toy or how many likes his photo got on Insta.... but, if he gets a treat or a bully stick then life is awesome!! 

What have you learned from your dog guys?  Leave me a little comment below! C xo