10 Tips To Heal Digestive Issues

10 Tips To Heal Digestive Issues


If you've been following my blog you'll see that I have been on a health journey to resolve years of digestive issues, ibs, parasites, acne, acid reflux, indigestion, sluggishness, adrenal fatigue and mood and brain fog. Even though I've been able to live as normal life as possible I'll often be silently suffering from stomach discomfort and low immunity, feeling under the weather and most nights it's been normal for me to lie awake in excruciating pain or get no sleep from having an upset stomach. I used to cry and cry about why I couldn't be just like everybody else and not suffer with constant problems and pain in my stomach but then I realized it's more than common than I thought and there's so many people out there feeling the same. I went on a long journey through eastern medicine, herbs, reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, supplements, candida, paleo, detox and cleanse diets as well as trips to the conventional doctor, specialist, colonoscopy, Xray, MRI scan and beyond.

Anyway, it has been extra frustrating because I am a healer and my desire has been to help other people heal their body, mind and emotions through reiki, mindfulness and wellness. And here I have been on a lifelong health struggle that made me feel like a fraud!  But, once I'd committed to sharing my journey to wellness with others through blogging about it on here, I realized I am able to help heal many more people who may be going through a similar health journey to me. So here it is, after many tests, trials and errors, these are the top 10 things that have helped to heal my mind, body and spirit.

1. Dr D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet

By sticking to foods which are approved on my Blood Type list I have really found a significant reduction in acid reflux, indigestion, cramps and bloating. Even though I was eating healthy things like coconut, lentils and cauliflower, they were reacting badly in my digestion causing much inflammation and discomfort. I discovered they were not approved for my Blood Type and as soon as I removed them I felt much better!  It's hard to always stick to the Blood Type Diet Foods (especially when eating out) but when I do I feel soooooo much better!

2. Low Histamine Diet

A genetic test showed me I had the MTHFR mutation which means my methylation process is inhibited which causes higher homocysteine levels in the body. By removing foods which are high in histamine the body doesn't create so much excess homocysteine which helps support the mutated MTHFR gene. By cutting out spinach, smoked salmon, red wine and other high histamine foods I feel a lot less toxic, sluggish, acidic and inflamed. Again it's hard to have to avoid so many foods, even healthy ones, but don't worry, there is still a lot I can eat!  

3. Celery Juice and Wild Bluerries

I got this from the Medical Medium, there are so many benefits to these two wonderful healing foods. Removing toxins, heavy metals, balancing gut acids, keeping the digestive juices flowing and cleansing on a cellular level. I try and start my day with both and feel a lot lighter inside and that stagnant energy gets moving! 

4. Less high fats, more fruit!

Again, another helpful tip form Medical Medium to help with the adrenal fatigue I was suffering from, the toxic build up in my organs and thus the bad cystic acne on my skin. In the past I had been doing it all wrong, avoiding sugar completely as I had been told that sugar resistance and high levels on glucose in my blood was causing my breakouts. Instead I was eating loads of protein, nuts and food which were high in fats for every meal!  I learnt that the high fats actually clog up the organs and then prevent then from being able to process sugar even more, so started to lower my fats and introduce fruit (natural sugar) and over time my skin as really cleared up! 

5. Deeper breathing

I learnt this from Dr Lynch but we forget how much we hold our breath at times during the day (especially checking emails) and forget the importance of our breath, it is essential to provide oxygen to the entire body! We need to be mindful to breathe deeper into our muscles and organs to release energy blockages and provide a higher count red blood cells to flow around our body. I try to take deep breaths as much a possible, especially in traffic or stressed at work.

6. Relaxation & Meditation

We all need to reduce the stresses of life and not feel guilty for taking some time out to ourselves to just simply give our brain a break from technology, obligations, thoughts and people. Just sit by yourself and breathe, better yet if you can be in nature, outside, in the sunshine but still, just taking time to tune in to you is like plugging yourself into the Universal charger and filling up your own battery. I try to take time each day to do this and allow my body to enter homeostasis, the free flowing, optimal state for natural healing.

7. Lots of water

I know you've heard it a million times, but it is true!! Drink and hydrate so those organs can be cleansed and replenished. I try and drink 2-3 liters of water a day, again it has helped with my skin and digestion!

8. Exercise

When I wake up and either go to a yoga class, walk around the neighborhood or get dancing round the house my mood instantly lifts and I energize my body as the blood gets flowing and the endorphins get racing! It is also another way of recharging myself and reconnecting to me during the day.

9. Supplements

Right now I am taking a multivitamin with an easily processed form of folate (L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate) to support the genetic MTHFR mutation I have, it is also high in B vitamins which the body needs for many chemical exchanges within the cells to help with brain health, the nervous system, sleep and detoxification. I am taking DHA Fatty Acids and Spirulina for extra amino acids, a digestive blend enzyme to help breakdown foods and then Magnesium and a Woman's Probiotic for overnight replenishment.

10. Mindset

I've discovered that you need to think healthy to make healthy choices. You need to focus on wellness and not sickness and realize why you are doing this, not out of fear of being sick, but our of love for being healthy. Shifting to a positive frame of mind with gratitude, joy and peace. As well as spending time with people or doing things that contribute to rising your vibration and making you feel good... this should be point number one!!