The Power of Relaxation

The Power of Relaxation

We live in a continually active world, hustling and bustling from one thing to the next, our attention diverted by action, technology, screens, advertisements, people, noise and social media lifestyles that seem impossible to attain. Time out is a thing of the past, vacations are now peppered with finding the ideal location or cocktail for the Instagram post, or nap time is cut short by meetings, kids, tv shows or a stack of dirty dishes piling up.

When do we give ourselves time to breathe? Time to be with ourselves, time to tune into ourselves and time to RELAX?


It's so important to find stillness in our every day life, whether this would be taking some conscious breaths in the traffic jam, or appreciating the wait in the grocery store's check-out line to become mindful and present. Walking can be a great time to turn inward as we get in rhythm with our body and take in the world around us. Try observing the street with fresh eyes, see the plants, sky or art around you and be present with where you are at.

By relaxing we allow the body space and freedom to optimize it's daily business, improving digestion, delivery of  oxygen to the organs, blood flow to the brain and lowering stress, tension and the build up of toxins in our body and brain. By relaxing we let go of stagnant energy and obtain a clearer, more efficient and focused mind to move forward with our day in a calmer state.

Here's some other tools for relaxation in the moment.

  • Stop. Where you are right now and take three deep breaths.
  • Lie outside for 10 minutes in the sunshine (which no phone)
  • Walk around the block for 10 minutes (with no phone)
  • Drink a cup of tea away from your desk (with no phone)
  • Take a bath
  • Think 10 things you are grateful for (in traffic, in queues, in waiting rooms)
  • Do a couple of your fave yoga poses in the living room
  • Stand on the grass
  • Smile when you feel stressed
  • Be quiet and listen to how many different sounds you can hear around you
  • Before falling asleep think of 10 good things that happened today
  • Don't check your phone or use any technology for an hour or two before bedtime.
  • Meditate - if you're finding it hard to unwind, check out my relax & recover guided meditation here!

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