Your Power is You.

Everyone is born with a true calling / purpose in life. We have our skills and talents, our passions and interests, that develop and evolve as we grow.  Often times, pressures from things like society, family, relationships, finances, education and social conditioning can prevent, stop or direct us away from following the true glory of our passions and talents.  The weeks, months, years and decades spent ignoring our gifts can result in lack of fulfillment, feeling unmotivated, jealous, angry, depressed or unworthy and these feelings can wreck havoc on our bodies.

  • Do you feel you are spending time doing what love to be doing?
  • Do you feel fulfilled in your career, finances, love, family and spiritual life?
  • Do you feel you are on the way to achieving your purpose in life?
  • Do you feel you are functioning at your maximum potential?

For many of us, the answer is "No" and we don't know where to start in order to turn things around for ourselves. We are so conditioned to follow the current education and patriarchal "career" systems that we can't think of how to find an alternative route. This results in us taking jobs that make us feel miserable and unfulfilled, relationships that drag us down, a poor connection to self and spirit, and a whole range of physical problems from over-eating to insomnia. 

But, The You Power is here to show you that YOU have the POWER to change all of these things for yourself. YOU have the Power to live a life you love, to find YOURSELF, to find balance, to pay attention to your emotions / gut instincts and let them lead you to believe in your self, your unique, talented, gifts and passions that make you feel alive and EMPOWERED! 

Are you ready to Discover Your Power?  I have created a guided meditation to take you deep in your subconscious to help you access your truth, talents, instincts and joy, to see how you can change things around for yourself and become empowered today!