4 Simple Ways To Make Meditation A Part of Everyday Life

4 Simple Ways To Make Meditation A Part of Everyday Life

In last week's post "The Power Of Relaxation" I wrote about the necessity to create stillness in your everyday life and the many benefits relaxation brings to reducing stress and promoting clarity. I know it sounds so obvious, but you'll be surprised how many people forget to make relaxation and stillness a regular part of every day life. So to help make life easy for you, here as three Simple Ways To Make Meditation A Part Of Everyday Life!  (now you have no excuses guys!) 

Morning (<5 mins)

Before you get out of bed, start the day with a simple breathing exercise: 

  • Inhale for 4 counts
  • Hold for 4 counts
  • Exhale for 8 counts
  • Do this 11 times

Try only to focus on your breaths and the counts. 

Afternoon (5 mins)

Take a moment to leave your desk, phone, kids, other people and take a short walk around the block. Tune your breaths with your steps and inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps, inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps. If you like running then even better, get into the rhythm to sync your body and clear your mind. 

Evening (>5mins)

Run a bath with some nice essential oils and, as you rest in it, feel your body and the water around you. Allow your body to be completely still then start at your toes and for every area of tightness in your body, breathe into that area and feel it relax. Work your way up to your head, breathing in deeply as you release all tension. (You can do this lying in bed if you don't have a bath.) 

Night (20mins)

Sometimes when we are so busy and on the go during the day, it's hard to unwind at night. If you have headphones and a phone, you can listen to this "Deep Sleep Meditation" to help ease you into a deep, peaceful and natural sleep with the assistance of my calming voice, relaxing reiki energy and the chill factor of singing bowls