4 Easy Ways To Think Like A Superstar.

4 Easy Ways To Think Like A Superstar

Ok, I am going to admit, I've been having some limiting thoughts this week. The broken record of "I'll never be able to do that..." "I work so hard and nothing good comes from it..." "I'm not good enough... blah blah blah..." STOP!  Hands up, we all do it.  It's easy to allow our thoughts to wallow in the self-despair, pity-party land of misery and stop ourselves from doing all the fun, frightening, exhilarating activities that might just turn out to be fricken AWESOME! 

But, how do you flip your thoughts when the little voice of whimpering self-sabotage is growing too loud and turn that tragic into magic? Well you THINK LIKE A SUPERSTAR, my friends. You gotta whole load of empowering thoughts to replace the pathetic ones even if, at first, you feel you've gotta fake it till you make it!  You can use your thoughts as little weapons to serve you instead of hurt you...

Here's 4 simple ways to think like a superstar!

1) Know That Life Is Happening FOR YOU - I know that experiences don't always go the way we hope, but often when you look back in the general scheme of things, we realize that it happened like that to serve a greater purpose in the long run. So even if we feel disappointed in the moment, we can question, how could this ultimately be helping me and guiding me toward my life purpose. 

2) Ask What Can I Learn From This - I've had years of trouble with digestion and IBS and it gets me so frustrated and upset from time to time, but ultimately I'm learning how to take care of my body, choosing foods that nourish and nuture me, and gaining so much insight on health and wellness that I am on this path of healing to be the best in mind, body, spirit. Like wise, I've had many failings in my career but in themselves, they've taught me so much about myself and how to move forward that they've been some of my greatest lessons. With the above in mind, life supports you so look for the golden nugget of insight that every experience is teaching.

3) What am I grateful for right now - Maybe things didn't plan out as desired, or maybe you're stuck in the same swampy place you're sick of it... but what is going well in life? Think of ten things you are grateful for; anything from your relationships, plants, pets, peanuts to enjoying a turmeric latte, Netflix and the fluffy bedspread you get to curl up with!

4) Meditation - finally, take time to slow down, stop and go inside to pay a visit to your higher mind, where all is love, perspective is heightened and you are in a space of allowing and accepting for all that happens in life. Let go of resistance and surrender to the ebb and flow of the Universe and gain insight from the divine truth of where you are, how that feels, keep your vibration high and you will know what you should do next. 

To go inside to your higher mind and think like a SUPERSTAR listen to this meditation about which programs MAGIC THOUGHTS into your subconscious mind and attacks magic experiences!!