The Power of Plants

The Power of Plants

Nature, in it's purest form, is demonstrating how we strive to feel, the nature of being. Channels for light, purity, presence, growth and harmony. The ability to be as we are, supporting the collective of the environment whilst being true to our own individual uniqueness and natural beauty. Because of their purest essence, plants and trees have some of the highest vibrational frequencies on Planet Earth and we depend on them to survive.

Our ancestors used to live alongside nature, using plants, trees and creatures to provide for families whilst also respecting the importance of the natural habitat for future generations. Everything they took from nature was given back and an equal cycle was exchanged. I spoke about this is last week's blog The Power Of Connecting. Now we live in concrete jungles which have destroyed areas of wilderness, manufacturing plants have burn down large areas of forest to gain fossil fuels or build resorts and pollution seeks into our air, oceans and wilderness.

What can we do today to raise our vibration using plants?

Here are 4 simple ways to Raise Your Vibration Using Plants-

1. Eat A Predominantly Plant Based Diet - Copy the Mediterranean diet which mainly consists of a multitude of fruit, vegetables and grains, add organic seafood three times a week and organic, sustainably-farmed meat once a week. By eating more plant based meals your digestion will improve as your organs receive more natural nutrients, this will help improve mood, energy levels, immunity and overall health. For more info see The Power of Mindful Nutrition.

2. Use Essential Oils - High quality oils derived from healing plants are some of the best ways to treat common ailments from headaches to digestion to acne. By switching out chemical pills or topical creams to essential oils your body is better designed to recognize the effective healing molecules from natural products (and with almost no side effects) than those of manufactured pharmaceuticals. For more information on Essential Oils see my interview with The Mindful Blonde later this week!  

3. Get out in Nature - I know this sounds easy but we take it for granted, get out there in the forest, by the seaside, in the mountains, or even the local park and breathe in nature and all the pure vibrations it emits. If you've never hugged a tree before, I highly recommend it, I always feel the most uplifting, loving, wise energies from my cuddles with trees. After a stroll in the countryside you will feel so much better when you get back indoors and on your laptop ;)

4. The Garden Of Wellness Meditation - See this link for a vibration raising, healing meditation in the garden of wellness. We can create the same natural, healing vibrations as nature by taking the time to "be" and let go of the stress and discomfort or pain we are in emotionally and physically.  We are all made out of nature after all, we are a part of nature and must respect that nature, internally and externally.