The Power of Balance

The Power Of Balance

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog and I have been on some travels across the country as well as some journeys within. As my blog is all about tuning in to YOU and connecting with your power, passions and most authentic self, oftentimes that involves going OFFLINE and getting INLINE.  So, I do like to practice what I preach ;)

First I went to Vancouver, Canada and a week after returning I went East to New York, New York! Both trips felt great to be in the hustle and bustle of city living and you can bet that my husband and I threw ourselves into exploring and experiencing as much as possible! We had so many lovely dinners, I love the creativity with food and ingredients going on in both of these cities. As well as all the interior design elements, style and atmosphere of eating out and indulging my taste buds. We also caught many theatre, shows, live music and interactive experiences to fulfill our love for entertainment. As well as catching up with our friends living in these cities, hanging out and enjoying life.

Both trips were awesome, but boy were we exhausted returning home after so much fun and so little sleep! So to end the month we planned two weeks of detox to bring some balance to all the good times we had, and all the good times ahead in July. 


We're following the Design's For Health Paleo Cleanse Plus detox and so far it's going well. The program involves two smoothies and two packets of supplements each day, along with any paleo snacks and one paleo meal. You can chose when to eat the meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, but so far I'm mostly eating my meals for dinner and having the smoothies during the day. It's also been a great time for me to finish the book I bought on our travels,  cuddle my dog, lie out in the sun, catch up with some of my favorite tv shows and discover new Netflix documentaries (which I love!). So, we're making the most of this inward time!

This week I am going to talk more about this detox, the day by day journey, and the other parts that we can bring some mindful cleansing into our lives.... so watch this space!