Healer, Heal Thyself!

Healer, Heal Thyself!

For years I have suffered from a weak digestion, which means regular, uncomfortable, digestive flare ups after meals, various food sensitivities, feelings of fatigue on a daily basis, being depleted in energy and mood as well as experiencing frustrating cystic breakouts on my face and back. 

As you can imagination, living with these symptoms has caused much frustration, tears, sleepless nights, uncomfortable days, canceled plans, and failing self-esteem.  However, over an eight year quest to get to the root, discovering reiki and sound healing along the way, a plethora of wellness goodness on google, and hundreds of thousands of people who have been going through similar symptoms, this year I decided it was time for the healer to heal thyself.

I started the Western route with blood work which proudly pronounced I'm a fit, healthy, human being that should not be experiencing any internal imbalances. Followed by a colonoscopy that confirmed my bowels are in regular condition, aside from high levels of inflammation and excess acid. But, I know my body, and I KNOW something is causing the awful symptoms I'm feeling, yes anti-acids might mask them for a short while, but I wanted to get to the ROOT.

So I went the Eastern Route, as after reading "The Mind, Gut Connection" by Dr Emeran Mayer, I discovered stress and childhood trauma can cause emotional dis-ease in the stomach, so I tried a routine of acupuncture, massage, energy work and reflexology to reduce any stress. As well as reiki and hypnotherapy to address any emotional connections. Whilst it became a little easier to live with the symptoms, I was still experiencing much discomfort so and knew I had not yet found the root, so next, it was time to try the Diet Route.

I have a pretty healthy diet as it is, so this wasn't about me avoiding dairy and gluten, which I haven't eaten in recent years. It also wasn't about me cutting out sugar, which I don't usually have in high doses at all. This time I followed Dr D'Adamo's blood type diet which meant I had to cut out all foods triggering inflammation on a cellular level like cauliflower, lentils, avocado and pork. As well as the direction from my Naturopathic Doctor to cut out any foods high in histamine like red wine, pineapple and spinach. On this note: I also followed Dr Axe's Diet Plans for Leaky Gut too.

I couldn't avoid the fact that, whilst I had lessened the worst of the discomfort involved in stomach troubles. I could still feel I had an imbalance and I still wanted to know why I was so sensitive to EVERYTHING I ate, even on such a strict food plan, and mostly, why I was still having big outbreaks of cystic acne - despite eating and living so clean!

So, with the recommendation from my ND, Dr Holly Lucille, I did a stool test. It baffles me why western Doctors don't use this as the first step in their protocol, because, according to Dr Mayer in "The Mind, Gut Connection", there are millions of microbiota in our gut that handle everything from our immune system to our mood, including our digestion and response to food. So if these are "off" or imbalanced, of course, it would be reflected in our general health.

Well, well, well, would you believe that the results of my stool test came back, not only showing low diversity in my microbiota, low strains of particular micro-organisms that keep us healthy and our guts functioning efficiently, BUT ALSO, that I have an intestinal infection in the form of a PARASITE. 

This parasitic bacteria is feeding off the food I eat, colonizing my gut like a growing army of bad guys taking siege of the Digestive Kingdom. The good guys are so depleted and low in numbers, it's no wonder the bad guys are ruling the roost, upsetting my stomach, depleting my energy, disrupting my skin and bringing down my mood. So I now, FINALLY feel like I have gotten to THE ROOT! I finally know WHY I have been feeling off, unwell, and imbalanced. The parasite has been trying to take my POWER, and no, no, no, IT'S TIME TO TAKE THAT POWER BACK!!!

So, if you have been feeling off and have tried to find out what is causing the imbalance to no avail, I encourage you to do a stool test asap. I did mine through Genova Diagnostics and am working with a Naturopathic Doctor who has advised me what course of action to take to kill these little bad guys.  I will be writing more on what I am doing next do get my POWER BACK as I heal myself, so if this is a topic that interests you. Follow me on Insta or join in to receive news from me!!  

**I have not received any money to advertise or promote the links in this post, this is a candid account of my personal journey and links are provided for further reading to whom it may be of interest**