Week Four Review of Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula

Week Four Review of Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula and had I been on the therapeutic strength dosage I would now be finished. On the lower dosage I have two weeks left to complete the course, BUT... for the last week my stomach has been really tight, sore and swollen. The heaviness and pressure in my stomach has been taking all my energy away, leaving me lethargic, bloated and uncomfortable. 

I have a small frame and usually am very sensitive to medicines, caffeine, sugar and foods, I imagine that my body is now responding to 30 days on a high dose of garlic and becoming somewhat intolerant to further dosages. The strong dose of garlic has begun to make me feel a little unwell. Two years ago I did a six week parasite cleanse with oil of oregano and by week five my body started rejecting the oregano and I was throwing up. I really don't want my body to do this with the ParaPro Formula so I have decided to give my body a break, to recalibrate and reinoculate some of the good bacteria, to get the system moving and functioning healthily again, then to go back in in a few days to attack the remaining parasites.

Seeing as I have also been taking a tincture of blastocystis hominis nosode for 30 days to eliminate the particular parasite I was diagnosed with, I am confident that the cleanse has worked, but I still want to go back in for a second round to stop them from returning.

During this short break I am going to be taking a strong probiotic to replenish the good bacteria, milk thistle to keep detoxing my liver and magnesium to keep my system moving and eliminating.  Once I've gone back in for round two I am going to get another stool test to confirm the parasites have gone once and for all... Then we can talk about how to fix my mutated genes!  The wellness work continues!!