How I Have Felt Post Parasite Cleanse

How I Have Felt Post Parasite Cleanse


Aperol Spritz In Portofino

I am back after two weeks off, and when I say "off" that means on VACAY!!! Yay!! Since I completed four weeks on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Parasite Cleanse over my Birthday, my Husbands Birthday and my Sister's 40th, a trip to London and a week in France. I decided to give myself a two week break! No parasite cleansing, no pills, no strict diet regime, just enjoying the sunshine and Aperol Spritz's in Italy (and a big bowl of pasta), followed by an amazing time with old school fiends in Greece, celebrating our friend's wedding... with many Gin and Tonics.

Wellness in Kephalonia

So, how does it feel... Well, I now know that I am greatly affected by the environment, just being in nature, in the European sunshine, on the coast, in the ocean, eating fish fresh from the sea, organic Mediterranean veggies and being out in the evening air without a jacket, listening to live music and having good conversation. All of the above has contributed greatly to my overall health, so parasite or no parasite, supplements or no supplements, I have been absorbing wellness in the lifestyle around me.  Being in a positive state of mind, stress-free, present and grateful has also helped send all the right signals around my body for ultimate wellness, mind, body and emotions.

Italian Pasta in Portofino

All of this has been positive, but what I will say, is that being so sensitive, my body is also greatly affected with the less positive choices I make, even coming from a good place of "treating" myself, and allowing permission to ENJOY... I now know that I can't "get away" with eating Italian's finest pasta, no matter how good it tastes, that choice will repeat on me all night, and the next day. I also can't "get away" with day-drinking celebrations, one prosecco and I'm pooped. Three gin and tonic nights on a row and my immune system drops so much that a cold will wipe me out. So I have to learn that even though I'm giving myself permission to relax and enjoy life, my body will still have it's limits and I have to respect them and respect myself.  It's all about balance!

On this topic, I do have new information of WHY I am so sensitive and can't "get away" with what other people tend to do on a regular basis. It's not connected to the parasite, but it does explain why I've been affected with parasitic bacterias in the past, and can probably apply to many other people too! I am going to share this information next week whilst I've had time to educate myself and process it properly.  

Remember, YOU have the power to be healthy, it's all about the choices you make. But I will say too that sometimes that late night out on the town with good friends is worth the cold the next day ;)