My Experience with Quantum Biofeedback Healing

My Experience with Quantum Biofeedback Healing

Last week I posted a photo on Instagram of my Quantum Biofeedback Session with the Educator Biofeedback Machine. I am so excited to speak about this amazing technology because I am fascinated by it and it's remarkable accuracy. This type of healing merges everything I love about frequencies and vibration to science and health, as it takes into account the bodies' physical responses, and how they're connected to mental, emotional and spiritual triggers, in order to treat the whole "being." (A cross-connection which modern medicine is only just now starting to look at in a newer branch of medical healing called psychoneuroimmunology.) 

The machine uses bioenergetics and quantum physics to energetically scan the body through straps connected to the head, wrists and feet, to measure the bodies' subtle energies against a healthy matrix of over 9,000 frequencies of health and wellness. Within minutes, it provides a comprehensive analysis of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stressors affecting you and any energetic imbalances which are all listed in a comprehensive report. 

I got some really amazing insights from the machine, which match results I've received from lab tests earlier this year; 1) being that I still have parasites and low gut flora, (despite the cleanse I'm currently on and the one I did last month- little fu*kers!) 2) being that my bodies' methylation/detoxification process is inefficient, I haven't been processing folate and B12 properly so my detox pathway is sluggish and have toxic build up in organs and blood. (Why I feel fatigued, have low immunity and bad skin.) 3) That my hormones are imbalanced and regulation of insulin is out of whack. (This affects my blood sugar levels, ability to cope with stress/anxiety, sleep and mood, etc)

So to validate the machine's accuracy 1) I received these similar results about pathogens and gut flora in results from a lab stool test earlier this year. 2) A genetic test revealed I do indeed have a mutated MTHFR gene which affects my methylation (processing folate) and thus detoxification. (Read last weeks blog on MTHFR) and 3) After reading The Medical Medium book I self diagnosed adrenal fatigue as it resonated all the hormonal and blood sugar imbalances symptoms I experience, which concurs with the machine's feedback on not processing insulin well. 

The Quantum Biofeedback machine then listed all the natural minerals, vitamins, remedies and foods that would benefit my body with better balance and health, it also provided me with causational emotional factors that trigger psychological responses in my body and listed some helpful affirmations to help reset the effects of these emotions.  But ultimately the machine helps with healing by transmitting it's own energetic frequency therapies to help balance the stress-factor frequencies to aligning with optimal health.

Following the three sessions that I have had so far I feel like my energy has been improved and that I have comprehensive knowledge of better life choices to move forward on my healing journey. I seriously think that every household should have one of these machines to help improve health and to help see what stressors are affecting the body and causing illness. I know it's seen as a New-Agey form of therapy but maybe we're onto something to shift modern medicine as we know it in future?! What are your thoughts??!