Since the parasite cleanse over the summer holidays I have still been struggling with my health, (mainly with the same old digestion issues, brain fog, skin toxicity, fatigue and restless sleep). I've already started Round Two of Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula to go back in and do another parasite sweep (these critters are relentless!!) but I've also dived into a ton of medical research and have put all my findings together to share with you, whilst I am not a medical specialist, I have discovered lots of good health insight for ultimate healing. 

As well as having tested positive for a pathogenic bacteria in my intestines, I received the results from Epigentix labs testing my genetics which revealed that I have three genetic mutations. One of these is a mutation in my MTHFR gene (which apparently affects 40% of people).  The MTHFR gene produces an enzyme which regulates the methylation process in our bodies. Methylation helps our body to eliminate, detoxify, build immunity, produce and repair DNA, and helps increase the neurotransmitters in our brains.

When this gene does not function optimally we may experience detoxification deficiencies, which results in toxic build up in organs, creating pathogenic environments, digestive problems, weakened immune systems, mental fatigue, depression, Alzheimer's, insomnia, recurrent miscarriages and elevated homocysteine levels, which can also increase our cardiovascular risks. 

So, it's not really a surprise that I'm having a hard time shaking off the parasites with the high toxicity levels inside my body and actually feel worse during cleansing because the mutated MTHFR gene means my detoxification process only works at about 60%. This has also helped me connect the dots between all my symptoms and shift the blame from the pathogens to my genetics!

So what to do... Well seeing as I can't change my DNA, the best way to resolve the health issues affected by an mutated MTHFR gene is to support and assist the methylation process and ease the knock on effects that methylation deficiency can cause in the body. Here's some advice I've been given:

  • Lower stress throughout the body (especially when digesting, eat when calm & chew food properly) 
  • Eat a good quality diet rich in B vitamins (sprouted seeds and unwashed, organic fruit and vegetables are naturally high in B vitamins. B12 is essential in the methylation process.)  
  • Reduce histamine containing foods (red wine, spinach, canned fish, cured meats, fermented vegetables, etc to avoid contributing to excess homocysteine in body.)
  • Increase folate containing foods (leafy green vegetables or supplement with quality 5-Methylfolate, helps with methylation) 
  • Add long chain Omega 3's fatty acids to diet (found in sustainable fish & shellfish. These help cells and parts of nervous system develop) 
  • Add amino acids like Spirulina to diet (help build cells, carry out essential functions in body) and trace minerals (important for chemical exchanges in the body) 

After reading The Medical Medium by Anthony William I gained some extra insight that shows how methylation can be thrown off inside the body by stressed, overworked or fatigued adrenal glands, this disrupts the nervous system and interferes with chemical exchanges inside the body, including detoxification. I designed a diagram (below bottom) to display the chain reaction of knock on effects inside the body, and will share these other recommendations I'm also trying out to help support methylation, detoxification and reduce stress.

  • Lower fat consumption (including animal fats, because breaking down fat causes the adrenals to work harder, burdens the liver and pancreas, stresses digestion and ferments in gut)
  • Drink celery juice (balances production of hydrochloric acid & prevents ammonia permeability in intestines from fermented gut rot)
  • Cilantro (helps remove toxins especially heavy metals from body and blood which feed pathogens and viruses)
  • Milk Thistle (supports liver whilst cleansing)
  • Magnesium (helps relax digestive and nervous system and supports detoxification)
  • Burdock Root (helps kidneys and purify blood)
  • Garlic (kills off pathogenic bacteria)
  • Root vegetables (which contain many nutrients to help calm the nervous system and stay grounded)
  • Avoid alcohol (which stresses the sympathetic nervous system)
  • Drink lots of water (stay hydrated)
  • Meditation, acupuncture and energy healing (helps create homeostasis is body for optimal healing and relaxes nervous system)
  • Focus on WELLNESS and HEALTH, purity and healing, rather than on sickness, dis-ease or symptoms. Good thoughts send good signals through neuro-transmitters, re-wiring the brain to a well state of being!
Adrenal Stress in Body
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