How I've Stayed Healthy During Pregnancy

How I've Stayed Healthy During Pregnancy

As I'm deep in my Quantum Biofeedback Training Course right now I'm learning that anything that puts stress on the body can interrupt the flow of health. This can be as simple as the stress from dehydration, lack of vitamin support, or from toxins in the environment. Or as simply complex as the stress from anxious, worrisome or angry thoughts that cause a physiologically tense reaction in the body, thus interrupting the body's natural energy flow.  

During pregnancy I've wanted to stay as healthy as possible and have tried to reduce as much physical, mental, environmental and emotional stress on my body and for my baby. So, here's how I have stayed healthy during pregnancy.


I know it sounds so simple, but you'll be surprised how many people do not take in adequate hydration throughout the day. Since I've been doing my first series of biofeedback practice sessions I'm seeing how dehydrated most people are. We need to keep water flowing through our bodies to help the organs function optimally, to flush out toxins and to prevent our bodies from becoming a hostile environment where pathogens and viruses thrive. I bought a huge water flask to fill up every morning and make sure I've gotten through the whole thing by the evening.


Toxins create a lot of stress in our body, from our neurological system to our organs, especially as they become overloaded and clogged up over time, really disrupting our bodies natural flow. Since I found out I was pregnant I've tried to eat as organic as I can at home (eating out may not be as reliable but I do try to go to places where the food is organic and sustainably sourced.) I've also switched almost all of my cosmetic and toiletry products to organic, natural, non-toxic counterparts. I also use essential oils a lot more (the ones safe for pregnancy). I replaced all my cleaning products and chemicals with natural products and find them just as effective and bought an air purifier for my living room and bedroom.


I've been taking a daily Prenatal Multivitamin to keep my vitamin and mineral levels strong, and to help create a good environment in my body so it can maintain strength against pathogens and viruses. (See which one I use: 15 Natural Products For The Second Trimester.) When our vitamin and mineral levels are depleted, our body becomes stressed and it's not as capable of fighting off the nasties. I also take a probiotic supplement to keep my gut flora levels high and to support my digestive system in eliminating the debris. If you are looking to purchase supplements and are overwhelmed by the varieties available and don't know which ones to take, I find this independent review site helpful as it evaluates products such as the 5 top probiotics and lists them according to their performance.


I have to admit, I've had a very busy few weeks and feel like I'm taking on a lot because I feel that I've got a lot to get done before I can go off on Mom duty in June! So, whilst rest is essential to bring balance and reduce stress in the body, I may have compromised a little bit on taking my own time to destress, chill and balance the business. This week I am going to be more conscious to include more meditations, naps and sleep in my schedule as I realize my body and mind does not perform so well when I'm tired. I also just started my hypnobirthing class and so I'm excited to start practicing getting in the 'hypno-zone' before birthing! Other methods of relaxation I enjoy are epson salt baths (with amethyst crystals and dim lighting) and my weekly acupuncture / massage hour with Antonio at Body & Soul Acupuncture


I know all these topics sound so simple and general, I'm sorry I'm not giving you any ancient, secret symbol for code for instant health cure here. But you'll be surprised how simple reducing stress in the body and mind can be for maintaining health with these foundational points. I learnt in my biofeedback training that stress in my mind/body is the number one cause of illnesses! So, I exercise about 3/4 times a week, alternating between prenatal yoga, long walks in nature and my light-weight routine with barre-style reps and stretches at home. I find this light work-out helps me to pump the endorphins around my body, gets my blood flowing, activates the lymphatic system and sends oxygen to the brain, cells and baby. It feels good when I'm uncomfortable to get up and about, have some fresh air and I always feel much more clarity. 

Honestly, you'll read this and think, is it really that simple, but what I'm learning with the latest exercise-fads, wellness-trends and what's hot-in-health this month, is that sometimes we overcomplicate things. If we strip it down to the bear roots, then most things in their purest form come back to nature, and naturally our bodies are always striving to maintain a healthy state. We can assist it by reducing as much stress as possible and that can be as easy as hydrating, purifying your lifestyle of toxins, resting, exercising, and supplementing vitamins, minerals and probiotics where required*. Then Voila. You may just find that that is what the ancient code is!

*If you have a good diet and good absorption in your digestive system you may find you do not need to add any nutritional supplements.