Where To Shop For Cool Unisex Baby Clothes!

My husband and I decided to wait to find out the gender of our baby and are so excited to be surprised on the day!  He has thought the entire pregnancy that we're going to have a girl, whilst I've been feeling quite a masculine energy and wonder if that means we're having a boy??!  It's so interesting because all our family and friends have different opinions too, and of course, all the predictions from strangers all vary which is keeping us on our toes! We can't wait to find out... and it won't be long now!!

We are pretty open in our views of dressing and raising our children without gender stereotypes so if our son wants long pretty hair and pink shoes or our daughter wants baggy pants and a superhero tee, we are down. We don't know until we meet our little bundle of joy, who he/she is or how they want to express themselves, so we've had this in mind whilst pre-planning and shopping for clothing in preparing for the baby's arrival by sticking to neutral colors and non generalized baby clothing. 

Here's where I've found some of my favorite outfits-


This beautiful baby clothing boutique has so many cute and trendy outfits, with personality and flair, proving that non-gender clothing can still be cool and stylish. They have a lot of fun unisex options which make shopping easy when you don't know what gender you're buying for and a few outfits from here has added lots of style to my baby's wardrobe. Plus, the clothing is super affordable, good quality and there's even free shipping.



Ellen De Generes has created such a cute line of baby clothing and it's all centered around love, which is exactly what one wants to shower on their newborn. It's a little more pricey but all great quality 100% cotton and pretty much all her outfits are unisex and they're super cute! We even used the 'made with love' onesie in our maternity shoot!



One of our favorite gifts from our baby shower was this Burts Bees Baby Box.  It is fully equipped with all the essentials you need for a unisex newborn from onesies, leggings, sleep sacks, blankets, bibs, soft toys and bath products! Plus it's all 100% organic. Whilst the color theme sticks with a plain white, grey and yellow pallet, it provides you with all the basics... with a touch of cuteness from the adorable little bees!