The Best And Worst Of The Third Trimester


The countdown is on!! It won't be long until the little one is here!

Finally a big, beautiful bump to flaunt around the supermarket, or in the line for the ladies loo... 

Polite people letting you queue-jump :)

Maternity shoot - an excuse to get pretty photos to remember how beautiful pregnancy is... even though in reality I've spent more days in sweats than I in floaty dresses. lol. 

A baby shower to celebrate the coming joy with family and friends and get totally spoilt!

A baby moon, got to make the most of a weekend to get away and drink mocktails whilst doing nothing! (All these little things help break up the weeks and help the last leg of the journey go faster!)

Free to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, you're pregnant! 

Can finally go baby shopping and oodle over all the teeny-tiny baby wear.

Having a reason to do nothing but lie on the couch all weekend... and binge watch your favorite shows!  "Hello, I'm growing a baby!!"

Setting up the nursery and baby gear, knowing that soon you'll be bringing your bundle of joy home!

Not long now 'til you can enjoy a glass of wine, sushi, deli meat, soft cheeses... and cuddles with your little one!

Dilating... omg it's almost time, baby is head down and ready to meet the world already :)

It's nearly over and it'll all be soooooooo worth it!



The countdown is taking so long... days feel like weeks, hours feel like days!

Paranoid cramps... is this it, is labor really about to start?

Frantically getting through the to-do-list just in case baby wants to come early!

"Are there any clothes that actually fit me in this closet??"

Wearing the same three things over and over and over.

No sleep. The body is preparing for baby... but really you are just too damn uncomfortable to find a position that works for longer than 5 minutes.

Discomfort... there is limited space in that bump for a fully grown baby.

Kicks in the ribs, head-butts in the crotch, organs squished around whilst baby practices karate in your womb.

Peeing. Non-stop.

Out. Of. Breath!

Itchy, stretched skin and swollen ankles... All rings are too tight to wear these days.

Impossible to put on socks or shoes that don't slip-on, and don't even ask what yoga positions are required to shave your legs.

Pre-labor- really, I'm going to have these strong Braxton-Hicks contractions for days or even weeks before the baby comes?!

Being over it. But, still having two weeks left...


I hope you've liked following my pregnancy journey here at The You Power! Feel free to leave your own best and worst comments of the third trimester below, and check out some of my other blog posts on pregnancy here!