A New Health Journey- Pregnancy!!!

A New Health Journey- Pregnancy!!!

Hello everybody!! I am baaaaack and boy am I super excited to share the wonderful news with you all here at The You Power - I am PREGNANT!!!!!  

I've taken a little time out of blogging whilst going through the first trimester, mostly because I felt such low energy and drive in the beginning, and my attention shifted to growing a little human inside my body! But now I'm almost at the half-way mark and so far I have to say, the experience of pregnancy has humbled me to the divine intelligence of nature, the natural feminine power of my body and I am blown away by the miracles being performed within to create a brand new life. Needless to say, I am beyond grateful for this blessed opportunity, the gift to be a mother and bring life into the world. That is empowering in itself!

Last year I blogged about some of the health challenges I conquered and lifestyle changes I made which I now fully contribute to preparing my body to be in good condition for pregnancy.  The parasite cleanse, healing digestive issues, as well as addressing adrenal fatigue and an MTHFR mutation. I feel led to share my journey in the hope it connects to others who are, have been, or will be going through similar healing processes, and now also those of you who are, have been or will be pregnant... who appreciate an honest account from a first-timer!

So far pregnancy is both the most empowered yet also the most out of control I've felt since puberty! My hormones are raging all over the place, my body is doing it's own thing, and all the health work I've done over the past year has been put to the test, making me feel like I'm starting from scratch, trying to understand what my body (and baby) now needs during pregnancy.

And, as I'm physically expanding, my baby is expanding, and so are my philosophies on life in general, the choices to be made, the things I now need to think about, the circumstances I've now been given to grow through. And, alongside the physical discomfort of growth, there is the mental discomfort, anxiety over anything from announcing to friends to choosing what products to put in or on my body.  Paranoia that the planet is polluted and nothing will be pure enough for my developing baby.  

Vaccines? Birth plans? Where to live? What language to speak? (my husband is Swedish) When to travel? Do we want to find out the gender? What exercises to do? Where to find natural products? What kind of baby shower?? Ahhh - All these questions and so many more which involve a thorough thought process and ultimately a decision which always comes down to, "What is best for Baby?" as we try our hardest to figure that out and subsequently do our best.  This is 'The You Power'.

If you want to sign up to follow my blog, I am going to try to be as honest and open as I can, through all the blessings and all the overwhelming, staying empowered whilst I surrender to the process of nature doing what it does best, creating a beautiful new human to bring into this world. And a new chapter of this blog to empower one another and share with you all.  

Much love,

Colette xo