5 Spiritual Things I Learnt From Instagram

5 Spiritual Things I Learnt From Instagram

1) REALITY- Successful Instagram Accounts are branding done real well, they are not a reflection of real life.  You don't see the 100 shots that were not chosen to make the post, you also don't see the 100 edits that were made to create the image you see on your feed. You also don't see the rest of that day when the reality was far from that picture perfect image you see.

2) INSPIRATION- These heavily edited and selected images to personify a brand do however give you inspiration to make positive choices for yourself; whether it's the green smoothie, acai bowl, or exotic yoga pose, the heartfelt quote, or even the fashion icons latest trend; we gain inspiration from all over the world to pack our lunch boxes, treat ourselves and our friends with love and feel great on the inside and out.

3) CONNECTION- The ability to connect with each other across the globe and join like minded communities, whether it's fashion, wellness, art or weird and wonderful things that interest you! I follow an astronaut to was living on the International Space Station for a year, a botanist that makes pretty pictures out of flowers and a tarot card reader who posts a daily spread each day!  We get a little glimpse of different lives and connect with others we might not on a daily basis.

4) POSITIVITY- I really do feel that, aside from a few internet trolls, there is a major upgrade in how social media inspires us to be positive, to like posts, to give hearts, to post beautiful quotes, to help one another when we're going through something tough, and to see what positive changes others are doing and try to incorporate them into our own.

5) LIVE- Live, not online, but live in the moment, when I'm seeing the posts of yoga positions up on mountains, beautiful sunsets reflected in designer shades and lovers laughing selfies... I've seen enough to put my phone down and go give my man a kiss, put on my hiking shoes and go climb that mountain... of course, also whilst deciphering which outfit's going to look best in the Insta Post.