Today I am featuring an interview from one of my favorite mindful Insta-friends, Sam Hearne from a.happy.mind who is a mindset and happiness coach in the United Kingdom. She is launching her brand new website today so check her out at www.ahappymind.co.uk  

First, you describe yourself as a 'mindset coach', could you explain what that involves and the type of clients you work with?

I focus on clients in late teens and early twenties - the ambitions young people that want to create the best for themselves but has faced barriers or emotional hurdles that create blocks in doing so. 

My main passion and line of work is building positive mindset and how to overcome negative experiences in the best way for an individual - whether it be anxiety, grief, depression, fear of judgment, low self esteem. 

How did you yourself get into the work of mindfulness and wellbeing?

I went through a lot of trauma myself as a teenager and early twenties and at the time found my only avenues for support to be CBT counseling (which was fabulous and I couldn't fault it) but I wanted a more holistic approach and to understand the root cause of emotions and how to best deal with individual thought processes. Which led me into reading, research, courses and development in this field. Something I passionately keep growing in and never plan on stopping - as I just love the benefits and impacts from so many various techniques and people I have met and read about. 

As a teacher I also feel that this is a subject I can help bring a positive outcome for so many young people in my daily care and network. 

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine?

I meditate in my way to and from work, in the car with classical or calming music. 

I find placing myself in a present moment and being free from people, media and my job is the best way to start and end my day - and find focus. 

I also meditate when I get home with crystals or my own music to just let the stresses of the day and my negative thoughts to be flushed out of my system. 


What top tips would you share with my friends, for simple ways to apply mindfulness on a regular basis?

1. Ask yourself at different points in the day what you can see, touch, hear and feel. This can regain focus subconsciously on where you are and how it may make you feel - also linked to grounding. 

2. Write a gratitude list daily of things that have made you feel happy/warm/content throughout your day. 

3. Find a song that brings you peace and try to listen to it at least once a day - even if you are on the move. To resonate those positive feelings inside you and remind you of those positive emotions. 

Have you any other advice you’d like to share?

Read read read! The best way to activate the mind and keep it thriving is learning and I am a firm believer in keeping an open mind and soaking up what the world has to offer me. Knowledge is power and can open up our minds to so many amazing opportunities and experiences. 

I love the quotes you feature on your site, what is your all time favorite?
Wow - all time favourite 

'If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.' 

This resonates with me a lot in my current stage so is my go to mantra at the moment. 

Find Sam on social media @a.happy.mind and join her Facebook Group for mindset support and inspiration!