My Favorite Natural Products For Baby!

One of my good friends asked me for some natural products recommendations for her baby and inspired me to write this list of some of my favorite products that I have been using over the last 16 months! I try to be as natural as possible, but not everything is 100% EWG verified. These next weeks I am going to do a massive overhaul of my products so will update you with any new changes I make! (PS- I am not affiliated with any of these brands, stores or products and I not receiving any money for this post! Just is just me sharing the love from my home to yours!)


Babo Botanticals Sensitive Baby Diaper Cream

This one is prob my fave… it is a pretty thick day/night cream that I’ve used as prevention but also on rash/ redness. It is effective but also gentle on skin. It is EWG verified as a top scoring product as all ingredients (except zinc oxide) score a 1.

(I love this brand and actually going to order more of their creams/lotions. They are all rated really well on EWG app.)

Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Diaper Cream.png

Made of Diaper Cream

This one is a also great day to day diaper to diaper cream and another of EWG’s top scoring products. Again all ingredients aside from zinc oxide score a 1. (I also just ordered the baby foaming hand soap from this brand.)

Made Of - Diaper Rash Cream.png

Calendula Ointment and Zinc Chamomile (use in combination for rashes.)

These two are your stronger 'medical grade' creams for redness/rawness but all-natural & highly effective treatments for when rashes flare up. (I can’t find them on the EWG Skin Deep Database but these are herbal, homeopathic brands with a great reputation and were recommended by my daughter’s naturopathic pediatrician.)

ST FRANCIS HERB FARM Zinc Chamomile.png
Boiron Calendula Ointment.png

Dr Brown’s Daily Diaper Cream

This one is your lightweight, soothing lotion for soft skin that needs a gentle, thin barrier. I cannot attest for how pure it is as I couldn’t find it on EWG… anyone know?

Dr.Brown_s Daily Diaper Cream.png


Water Wipes

I only ever use these on the diaper area, so simple and gentle and pure… also very effective on all kinds of messes down there. EWG score a 1.



I also use these wipes on face, hands, feet and general mucky situations. The wipes are gentle, hypoallergenic and are made out of a thicker, textured cloth to help wipe off those sticky fingers.

Honest Baby Wipes.png


I liked the Swedish brand Naty a lot but they are European and expensive to get out here so I use Honest Diapers… mainly because I like the cute prints but they are also supposed to be pretty natural and non-toxic. I signed up for their diaper subscription so that I never have to worry about running out.

Eco by Naty Diapers.png
Honest Diapers.png


Bare Nuhcessities

I ordered this set online (comes from Malaysia) cuz it was so highly rated on EWG... again another top scoring product (all ingredients are a 1!). The body wash and lotion are very gentle, soothing and smell good. The wash lathers and the lotion is lightweight and non-greasy. It is pretty milky and rubs in easily. My baby smells soft and fresh ready for bedtime.

Bare Nuhcessities.png

Burt’s Bee’s Body Wash / Burt's Bees Body Lotion

These have been a staple since day one, the lotion is fragrance-free and perfect for dryer skin if you like a thicker lotion. (Personally I sometimes find if I use too much cream then it’s not as easy to rub in completely. Also note that the body wash does not really lather and foam up but it is nourishing and creamy.)

Burt_s Bees Baby Shampoo _ Wash.png
Burt_s Bees Baby Lotion.png

Babo Botantical Baby Wash

Seeing as I really like the Babo Botanical brand I have just ordered one of these to try out as well as their body lotion… they are EWG verified and top scoring products…. I will update you when I’ve used them!

Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Wash.png

Microfiber cloth

I’m getting quite into Microfiber these days (especially for household cleaning without the chemicals or toxins). Microfiber is supposedly anti-bacterial and so you don’t need any soap… this may be a good alternative for extra sensitive babies especially to use in the early newborn days so soap doesn’t dry out skin. These are microfiber cloths I use on my face and they are super soft, definitely delicate enough for baby/sensitive skin. They also help keep the skins natural microbiome which soap can often dry out.

Hopeshine Face Makeup Remover Cloths.png


Think Baby 50+SPF

This one is probably my fave. It is not too chalky or greasy and rubs in pretty easily! It does make baby look a little white when on but doesn’t all high factor sunscreens?! EWG rate a 1.

Thinkbaby Sunscreen.png

Bare Republic 50SPF

This is a close second fave! It is also pretty white when rubbed in and just a slight bit chalky but super effective and rubs in smoothly. (Note you will need to wash your hands after! And it did tarnish my rings temporarily… but I didn’t find that off-putting.) EWG rates a 1.

Bare Republic Sunscreen.png

Adorable Baby

I did order this one and it is a little lighterweight, it’s factor 30+ but personally I found it too greasy and slimy… it made for a very slippery baby and hard to wash off from my hands. I won’t be reordering this one but I would recommend it for a baby with drier skin who needs more oil in a sunscreen. The pro was that baby didn’t have such a chalky, white face when it was on although somewhat shiny. EWG 1.

Adorable Baby Sunscreen.png


Sunflower Lecithin

For the breastfeeding Mama… This was my Godsend after having reoccurring blocked ducts… I took one capsule daily to stop getting them and anytime I forgot I got blocked ducts without fail.

Sunflower Lecithin.png

Boiron Camilia - Teething

This homeopathic remedy is super easy to take, just squeeze one liquid dose into babies mouth to reduce the discomfort and irritability from teething.

Boiron Camilia.png

Boiron Cold Calm

And, these guys for a cold… I can’t say how many months you can start at but I’ve defo used them all from 6 months onward as recommended by our pediatrician.

Boiron ColdCalm.png

Baby Blossom Mrs Meyers

This is the baby laundry detergent I use…. it smells so divine with newborn skin. BUT, I’ve just found out on EWG that is is a category D and there are concerns that it may contain Formaldehyde… shocked. I was actually a bit concerned about how Mrs Meyer’s products rated on most of their products. I am going to be replacing all the Mrs Meyer’s products I have, including this laundry detergent and ordering this one ATTITUDE LAUNDRY DETERGENT rated with an A grade on EWG.

Mrs. Meyer_s Baby Blosson Laundry Detergent.png

Babyganics Bottle Dish Soap

Oh and one last thing, Babyganics has hands down the best bottle wash for getting all that milk grease slime off the daily mound of baby bottles. (It is rated a C on EWG so there are a few ingredients you may want to look into.)

Babyganics Foaming Dish and Bottle Soap.png

Let me know your favorite natural baby products below!! I love finding new products to help on our natural, pure family journey!