The Power of Connecting

The Power of Connecting

I watched an amazing documentary this weekend about a tribe in the Amazon jungle that still lives true to it's primal roots. They revere the natural world as they know they belong to it as smaller parts of a greater whole, and take responsibility by respecting their habitat and contributing in a harmonious exchange with the ecosystem.

Everything in the tribe is focused on community, contribution, support and equality. The men go out to hunt for wildlife together, the women take care of planting, farming, reaping and harvesting together. They use only what they need, the rest they return to the environment. They work as a team, they share their efforts, rewards, credits and responsibilities as a collective, in conjunction with nature. There is no individual seek for glory, hero or competitive mentality, they are simply yet powerfully a community body where multiple efforts work toward the same shared purpose.

This connects them. Not only to each other, but to the natural world, the plants, their roots, the insects, animals, seasons, weather and stars and made me think, when did we become so isolated in our concrete squares that separate us so far from each other, from our families, communities, nature and even ourselves.


It's much more natural for us to connect through a virtual reality of electronics and cyber code, demanding jobs and commuting stress than it is to connect to the plants living in the soil, providing us with oxygen to breathe, purifying our landscape and being a host to microorganisms that support our micro-biome and immunity.

But, it's time to get back to our roots, literally, and connect our body, spirit and energetic matter to the system in the natural world that is far greater than what technology demonstrates, to go inside to our own hard drive and connect it to the Universal Source hard drive. To realize that we are all connected, we are all part of the same energy, and that ultimately, we are all one.

Knowing this we will experience -

More compassion for one another

More respect and reverence for the natural world

More focus on serving community than serving self

More relaxed surrendering to the flow of energy that we are all part of

Connect to the Oneness of self, other and the Universal Energy in this powerful meditation.