Parasite Cleanse

Week Three Review on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

Week Three Review on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

I have now completed the third week on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse and now I've stepped outside my daily bubble as this weekend we left Los Angeles to travel to Europe on our summer vacation.  I continued taking all my pills on travel day, the ten hour transatlantic flight was overnight so luckily I was able to stay on track with my supplement regime during the day and then pick right back up the following day when we arrived in London.

I think I dealt with the jet lag a lot better than my husband which could be down to the fact I am cleaning up my body and therefore it's able to adjust better? Although the three days we were in London were action packed with celebrations for my sister's 40th, catching up with family and old friends so I did also need to squeeze in a power-nap when I could! 

What I will say about London though, is that they are a little way behind LA on the alternative food front. We ate out at three top restaurants whilst we were there and they were not half as good at LA in providing dairy or gluten substitutes, also the waiters were not really trained or competent in dealing with allergies. For breakfast one morning I ordered a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk and only received the almond milk. One dinner I ordered swordfish and it took so long to come because apparently the kitchen had a long delay learning to grill it with oil instead of butter. (?!!) Likewise there were no breads I could eat at brunch because they all contained dairy, egg and/or gluten. So I ended up eating a lot of French fries and chips (crisps) which are not necessarily the best choice for a parasite cleanse, but in order to eat I had to do what I had to do! 

During this week I've added a couple of other supplements alongside ParaPro which seem to be working wonders for the cleansing process. I have a complex digestive enzyme I'm taking with dinner (my biggest meal of the day) and hopefully that is helping digest all the fat from those French fries to prevent the oil seeping out through my skin. I am also taking L-Lysine overnight which Organic Olivia recommends to help with preventing breakouts and healing acnic skin. Then at lunch I'm taking 100mg of Milk Thistle which should be helping support my liver to detox whilst I'm going through the cleanse and efficiently eliminate all the toxins or heavy metals being removed from my body. 

So far things are feeling good, and along with Kimberly Snyder's Detoxy Magnesium Supplement and a wide scope probiotic, my stomach is coping well with the cleanse and an active lifestyle. It is also keeping me regular and eliminating those toxins. This week has been a little upside down with traveling so it's hard to comment on my stomach and skin as I've been a little bloated and spotty. But at this point it's worth noting that I do feel I could be putting on a bit of weight. I have a small frame so it's probably more noticeable for me, but I wonder if the parasite used to eat the content I put in my stomach and now it's dying my body is absorbing those calories? Or whether it's water-weight or swelling as an effect from the supplements ingredients? 

I have a feeling that when I finish the course this swelling will reduce significantly. I do somewhat wish that I could have stayed at the therapeutic dose because then I would be finishing up at the end of this week. But because it was a little to intense for my body I committed to the longer course of a daily lower dosage, so now I'm only about half way through. I will say that there's probably never a good time to commit to a 6 week cleanse, but so far Organic Olivia's ParaPro has been very manageable over many Birthday celebrations and traveling internationally!