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The YOU Power Blog is BACK!

The YOU Power Blog is BACK!

If you thought you hadn't heard from me in a while, you were right, but if you thought I had gone and The You Power Blog was over, you were wrong... The You Power is back in FULL FORCE and ready for some NEW BEGINNINGS, NEW COLLABORATIONS and a fresh NEW LOOK!

This year has brought in a lot of new beginnings for me; I now have a new last name and have begun life as a wife! The week my husband and I got back from our honeymoon we found a brand new home, our first place as homeowners, and moved just in time for the New Year! We've spent most of January designing our new apartment, new furniture, new style and, as well as our home, I've spent a lot of time renovating The You Power website and blog with a brand new logo and a fresh new look! I hope you like it!

What you'll notice first and foremost is that The You Power has now focused itself to 'Tuning Into YOU and EmPOWERing Your Inner Guru'.  This includes every activity of mindful living that turns our attention inward rather than focusing on the myriad of external factors that we are constantly distracted by on a minute to minute basis. One of my favorite methods of mindful living is MEDITATION!  The simple beauty of taking a deep breath, to balance the ebb and flow of action and surrender, to go inward and discover how our body really feels in the moment, in our mind, emotions and in our truth in all circumstances.

This is where The YOU Power begins, connecting, feeling and knowing yourself, so that you can navigate through life with the internal strength to stay centered, balanced and empowered.

If you liked my previous posts about my journey with health, wellness, beauty and skin then don't worry because I am in the process of collaborating with my Soul Sister and Guru to co-create a new venture that will expand into all of these areas, including the mystical and the magical! Coming soon!

For now, The You Power is ready for new beginnings, starting with the launch of it's singing bowl meditation series! Time to tune in? Go for it!