The Power of Essential Oils

The Power of Essential Oils... FEATURING: THE MINDFUL BLONDE

Here we are it's Feature Friday at The You Power and we are talking to Danielle Spidalieri from @themindfulblonde. She is a lifestyle and wellness guru, posting from all over the world, sharing her incredible travels and educating us on the benefits of utilizing essential oils on a regular basis. 

Hi Danielle, tell us all about how you incorporate wellness and essential oils into your daily routine? 

My wellness routine is pretty simple — No matter where I am in the world I make a point to keep my morning routine consistent.   I take the first 20 minutes of my day to really be present, swipe some oil behind the back of my neck or apply to the bottoms of me feet and right to the kitchen.  Hot water with lemon or dandelion root tea to get the morning going.  I won't look at my phone or emails for at least the first 30 minutes of waking up.  Other morning rituals include oil pulling, starting up the diffuser, journaling, meditating, yoga and getting myself ready for the day.  I try to move my body everyday whether that is spending an hour at the gym, taking a yoga class, going for a long walk or some simple core strengthening — I make a point to sweat! Throughout my day I make sure to incorporate small moments of self-care by using essentials oils and nourishing my body with healthy yummy food.  I keep my favourite oils on me at all times (see below) and make sure to have healthy snacks such as almond butter, philosophie coconut butter, nuts/seed, or a piece of fruit.  I spend a lot of time on the run teaching clients or teaching essential oils classes so I make sure to always be prepared.  Night time for me is all about slowing down — phones away and time to spend with loved one or in the bath!  I love to wind down with a good book and my ultimate favourite... lavender oil.  I think it is crucial to be in a relaxed and calm state before going to bed! 

You describe yourself as an ‘oil educator’, how did you get into essential oils?

Initially I began using essential oils as a natural non-toxic alternative to digestive issues, skin sensitivities and the stress that came with working a 9-5.  However it didn’t take long until I began to notice the emotional and grounding shifts that were happening daily. Before using oils my mind was always racing.  I would start my day very anxious and I was constantly rushing throughout the day; whether that was to and from teaching, while I ate, or in social settings.  I found it extremely difficult to be “present” and acknowledge how I was feeling.  I was teaching people how to connect to there highest self yet I could barely acknowledge my own thoughts!  It was essential oils that set the tone for a more mindful life. 

What are the benefits of using essential oils?

The benefits are infinite!  There are over a 100 things you can do with peppermint, lavender and lemon alone!  Essential oils are extremely versatile, providing a wide range of benefits for anyone looking to use them.  Each individual has their own unique set of needs and preferences making essential oils the perfect solution to support a healthy lifestyle.  They can be used for very specific health concerns, for those seeking diverse health benefits, and for people experiencing sensitivities to other products. 

My top 10 benefits for essential oils:

  • - promoting relaxation 
  • - soothing tension
  • - helping to support digestion 
  • - uplifting the mood 
  • - aiding body in releasing toxins 
  • - calming skin blemishes
  • - powerful antioxidant support 
  • - support immune health 
  • - maintaining digestive health 
  • - managing food cravings 



What advice do you have to anyone considering the use of oils for their health and wellness?

I always encourage that you get a feel for the companies culture.  As for doTERRA the quality will speak to why they are the largest essential oils company in the world.  You want to get a feel for the culture, its an important decision to make because once you start using oils in your life - trust me - you won't go back to using store bought synthetic products. You want to be sure that you feel aligned with the culture of the company you choose.  Look around a bit, you will start to see that every company has a vibe! 

Whats one small thing we can do today? 

Using essential oils throughout the day turns into many small moments of self-care.  Small moment huge impact! 

Once essential oils were introduced into my life I started to really explore the concept of self care and mindfulness. Some days that means taking 5 seconds to apply an oil behind my ears and simply exhaling. Other days its taking an hour for my home practice, spritzing my yoga mat with a blend I’m feeling drawn to or adding a few drops to a bath at the end of the day. Regardless of what it looks like, self care and mindful living are a constant in my life.  

Which oils are in your travel kit?

First off, I highly recommend getting a little travel kit to hold your oils - they are so convenient! I fill my travel kit with peppermint for keeping my cool, head tension or any uneasy feelings. Lavender to keep me calm and relaxed, melaleuca (tea tree) incase of any skin irritations/annoying pimples, lemon to clean off any surfaces or my hands, digest zen (digestive blend) that I apply to my tummy incase of any heavy meals or digestion issues, deep blue (smoothing blend) for helping my sooth any muscle tension after yoga or a workout, OnGuard (protective blend) I will apply to the bottoms of my feet or gargle with water to keep me from getting sick while traveling, grapefruit I add to my water or take in a veggie capsule to keep cravings away.  Balance (grounding blend) because this bottle has helped eliminate the anxiety I once dealt with daily.  Past Tense (tension blend) for any kind of tension I may experience and whisper (women's blend) is the perfect bottle of purefume - smells so lovely!

What's the most important piece of advice you wish to share today?

Remember that you are the most important person in your life!  Make time for you every single day — self care is made easy when you start to incorporate essential oils into your daily life.  If you would like to learn more or chat anything yoga, essential oils, or self-care please contact me @themindfulblonde or  My New Blog Is Coming Soon 😊 SUMMER 2017!