Week One on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

Week One on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

Happy Monday Everybody! Today is Day 8 on Organic Olivia's Parasite cleanse and I want to tell you all how I am I feeling so far!!

First of all, this week I have started on the ParaPro base dosage of 2 caps 2 times a day but today I am weaning onto the ParaPro therapeutic dosage of 2 caps 3 times a day. My body can be super sensitive so I didn't want to overwhelm it with the high dosage to begin with.  I also prepared my body for efficient detox on the Designs for Health Paleo Cleanse a couple weeks prior. (See my blog Designs for Health Paleo Cleanse Review.) This helped reset my body to be able to eliminate the parasites better.

Alongside ParaPro, I am also taking "Bloastocystis Hominis Nosode"  a homeopathic tincture specifically designed for the parasite I have been diagnosed with. (Read how I found out in my Blog "Healer, Heal Thyself.")

Ok, so then, ONE WEEK IN and how do I feel in Organic Olivia's Para Pro cleanse? 

Honestly, I feel more myself than I have in a looooong, long time. Why? Well, first of all my energy levels have returned to me. I no longer feel super lethargic in the afternoon and evenings, or have the ole "I-can't-be-bothered-to-leave-the-house-and-be-social" feeling. I have bounced back with a super action-packed weekend celebrating my husband's Birthday and catching up with friends. I even found the energy to throw him a last minute party at our house. AND, what's more, even after three days filled with activities, it's Monday morning and I still feel fresh, I'm not starting the week feeling burnt out like I always used to. I'm so glad to be getting these parasites OUT! 

Aside from my energy levels returning, I also feel my digestion is improving, it feels cleaner inside my body and the stagnant heaviness I used to feel carrying around in my stomach is much lighter and improved. This has helped my mood feel lighter and brighter too. Isn't it amazing how much our mood is affected by the sensations in our body? I definitely feel more free.

Wish I was smiling about how clear my skin was looking!!Β 

Wish I was smiling about how clear my skin was looking!! 

Finally, my skin is a lot less active. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping its not going to erupt again, but hopefully killing the parasites will eliminate the breakouts entirely. My skin feels like it's clearing up and although I still have a pimple or two it does feel under control.

Now, for the other side of things, I have had really itchy ears the last few days. The article I was reading on parasite die off symptoms did mention itchiness can occur in eyes, ears or nose. I've always had ear issues since I swam so much growing up as a competitive swimmer, so I wonder whether this is my body healing old infections. Also, the tablets are giving me some garlicy burps if I don't eat food right away. It's not a terrible side-effect, but just be mindful to have some food at the ready to avoid this!

I haven't noticed anything crazy in the toilet yet but after seeing all the photos online I am a little afraid to look!! I guess I'll have to brave it up this week and take one for the team! I will keep you posted how week two goes!