THE POWER of Thought

THE POWER of Thought

Do you play attention to what you're thinking? 

Are your thoughts serving or hurting you?

This is Your Power! You can choose what thoughts to accept and what thoughts to let go, even those sticky, repetitive ones that get trapped on a reoccurring cycle are as easy to release as soon as you catch them running through your mind. Thoughts are not reality however they can create our reality so choose them wisely.

We create the world around us by attaching our own meanings and beliefs to everything we see and experience. If we connect positive associations then we are likely to have a positive experience in our mind, which reflects on the outside. If we connect negative associations then voilà we have a negative mental experience and therefore the exterior reflection will also be adverse. So, how can we change this?

We see all circumstances as working in our favor.  The good, the bad, and the ugly can all be serving us. If something goes wrong we think, what can I learn from this / what is this teaching me and see that all situations are working in our favor to help us grow. 

We meditate to clear our thoughts. Just like you have to take the trash out every day, or delete files on your computer, we have to do that same thing internally to the huge database that is our minds. If we can learn to clear our thoughts then it's easier to choose the good ones, that serve a positive lifestyle, and become aware when those nasties creep in that need erasing.

We use affirmations & mantras. This is a sure-fire way to increase the good guys and change the broken record of pessimism. Using an affirmation on repeat like "I can do this," "I am talented," "I am great at what I do," or a mantra like, "all experiences are serving my highest good," then we can navigate the stormy seas with skill and expertise to sail to smooth waters. :)