Week Two on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

Week Two on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula Parasite Cleanse

Wooo! I made it through Birthday week, the second week on Organic Olivia's ParaPro Formula and the Parasite Cleanse supplements I discussed in the last two posts- Week One Review and Healer, Heal Thyself. 

Organic Olivia ParaPro Formula Capsules

Thinking my body had adjusted to the capsules well, I started the second week by upping the amount of ParaPro Formula to the therapeutic dosage of 2 capsules 3 times a day, taking each dose before breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After a couple of days I decided that this dose was a little too potent and intense for me.  I was oozing garlic from my pores, burping garlic, and my stomach felt tight and a little nauseas. Whilst this could be down to parasite die-off I do have a small frame and a sensitive stomach so I reduced the dose back to 2 caps 2 times a day (before breakfast and dinner) which is a lot easier on my body.

((Two years ago I did an intense parasite cleanse with oil of oregano and I took such a high dose that after five weeks it was making me physically vomit. I didn't want this to happen to me on the ParaPro formula by hitting it too hard, so it made more sense for me to stick with the lower dose, even though it will now take me 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks, it will be a lot easier on my body and suit my lifestyle better.))

This week we had a lot of celebrations, and even though I am aware of the foods to avoid during a parasite cleanse, (including alcohol) it was hard for me to keep on track this week. I definitely enjoyed some vegan Birthday cake (no dairy, no gluten or no soy but it definitely had sugar... eeek.) as well as some wine and lots of tequila. And then, feeling a little tired and hungover I had a starchy gluten-free pasta and lots of tortilla chips. I have been instructed to mainly avoid alcohol and starches which feed the parasites, so I hope I haven't done any damage or gone backward this week and hope the supplements have supported my poor diet choices by killing the parasites! 

This next week I will be traveling so that will involve it's own challenges, finding good food on the go and in foreign countries. But, we will be in the South of France where the cuisine is predominately based on the Mediterranean diet which is fresh fish, meat and vegetables, so as long as they hold off the butter and just use olive oil I will be golden. 

So far I feel like my skin has been clearing up and I have noticed a significant reduction of breakouts. I have also been drinking a ton of water as I get really thirsty on the ParaPro supplements, they do advise to stay hydrated throughout the day.  I also feel like my colon is a little inflamed from the potency of the tablets, or from the intense detox die-off happening. It doesn't feel as regular and smooth and it is on a good day. I keep telling myself it's only temporary and I'm almost half way through! It will all be worth it!

I am taking Kimberly Snyder's "Detoxy" magnesium supplement overnight to help keep me regular as well as a good probiotic to replenish the good flora that get caught in the crossfire. As far as stool checking, I haven't been looking in much detail but so far I haven't seen anything abnormal. The parasite I was diagnosed with, blastocystis hominis, is a microscopic plasma so unless there's any other nasties in there I may not experience any visible surprises!

blastocysts hominis visual