Do YOU want to find out where and how your body is responding to stress and receive healing frequencies to reduce it?

Book a Quantum Biofeedback Session to find out more about how stress is affecting your body; allergies, toxins, pathogens, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pain management, energetic balancing, reduce stress and anxiety, the list goes on!

NOTE- It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, these quantum biofeedback sessions work virtually, connecting to your unique energy field through the power of quantum physics (just like your cellphone number receives text messages from anywhere in the world instantly).

I have had extremely effective results using quantum biofeedback with clients both in person and online!


Are you looking for a session of pure relaxation and ultimate body healing?

Allow the healing frequencies of reiki and crystal singing bowls to take you into a deep restorative, meditative experience to recharge and bring harmony to your mind, body and #soul!

note: New Clients: please only book ‘in-person’ sessions following a discovery call with Colette. To schedule, please contact me HERE!