As a singer and musician who entered the world of energetic healing I discovered that our bodies are our instrument- a pure, beautiful, playing pipe.  At times, when we are in perfect condition in body, mind and emotions, we resonate with clarity, consistency and harmony which resonates through all areas of our life. If our pipe has been neglected, abused or exploited over time, chances are it could end up harmed, vandalized or even somewhat destroyed and can’t play each note with the same grace or ease as in it’s original state.

We need to make time in our lives to restore our instrument, to dust out the cobwebs, polish off the scratches, clear out the muck inside and return to our natural, melodic state as an immaculate instrument, resonating in harmony with the Universal Orchestra.

Energetic Harmony

Energy is everything; from the deep galaxies in outer space to the smallest chemical exchange occurring within the molecules inside our cells. It’s all energy.

The Universe is comprised of particles and waves which are all vibrating in different states and at various frequencies to make up the experience of the world around us. As human beings, we are limited to what we can perceive by our physical senses; what we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, etc.  Although we have invented machines that can amplify the senses, we are still only able to experience a small portion of the electromagnetic scale, but what lies beyond our abilities to perceive or record?

We are energetic beings, continually having an energetic experience, absorbing energy from the world around us; the sun, nature, food, movement, our bodies, cells and thoughts.  When we are surrounded by high frequencies we operate at a high vibration, achieving a sustained and fulfilling sense of purpose, following passions, experiencing health, happiness, laughter, good relationships and flow.  When we are subjected to lower frequencies, our vibration is similarly affected. 

The Law of Attraction states that the life we attract is based on the frequency we project. So, it’s important to continually work on projecting our natural vibration to emanate at a high level. 

Reiki Energy

The chakras are our bodies' energy centers.

The chakras are our bodies' energy centers.

Reiki is the high vibrational energy of the Universe.  The energetic life-force consciousness that is within everything ("Rei") that can be channeled through the human body to align and upgrade our personal consciousness/energy ("ki").

As Reiki raises our energetic vibration, it can be used to heal on a physical, energetic and subtle level.  Reiki can help remove blockages, bring balance, flow, and alignment, release old beliefs and recalibrate the mind, body and spirit to a more natural, peaceful, positive state of wellbeing.  In doing this, Reiki can be used as a life path choice to heal, and reconnect with purpose, passion and happiness to become the best version of yourself.  Your You-est YOU!


The You Power's collection of healing crystals.

The You Power's collection of healing crystals.

Not only do crystals look attractive but they also help promote positive wellness.  Coming straight from the natural world, their energetic patterns are pure, balanced and high vibrational. When we are in their presence we align with their harmonic patterns adapting our thoughts, feelings and internal energetic patterns to resonate.


Also coming from the natural world, plants can affect the body vibrationally in positive ways. Plants have been used for their healing properties for centuries, whether they are in your home or garden, drunk in a herbal tea or their extracts are used in essential oils, their pure energetic patterns also help bring our body into harmony.