Singing Bowl Sound Baths

I work with energetic instruments called singing bowls, they are made out of crystals and each singing bowl is tuned to the optimal frequency for each of the bodies' seven energy centers, or chakras.  When the bowl vibrates it resonates with the corresponding chakra and entrains it to raise it's frequency.  Music that literally tunes your body into harmony just by listening to it!

As I play the singing bowls the sound waves travel through your ears and balance the two hemispheres of the brain, helping it slow into a theta state; optimal for meditation and healing. This creates a state of homeostasis in your body, where the nervous system is relaxed and the immune system is boosted and more oxygen can be carried around to your all your cells.

With so many positive effects going on inside your body, the experience of listening to the singing bowls is very powerful, the sound washes over you literally like a shower or bath as the sound waves resonate around the room and inside your body.  It is a very relaxing experience and as well as sounding great it helps to release stress and emotional energy on a mind, body and spiritual level.

I create and record custom singing bowl meditations as well as hosting regular sound baths in the Los Angeles area.

Feel free to get in touch through the button below if you are looking for a private or group sound bath for your next event!

I have recorded a series of guided meditations and relaxing instrumental music with a set of seven crystal singing bowls- they are all infused with reiki energy!  To listen click here.  

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